Character Name: Sheli (Bubbles) Willis

Sheli is the kind hearted member of the group. Her timid and frightened demeanor is slowly falling away in the wake of discovering that the nightmares she experienced over span of 6 years were not signs of her losing her mind but were in fact memories of medical and physical experiments performed on her over the entire course of her life.

Sheli has chosen to move on from the atrocities of her childhood, and is trying to find a normal life. She’s going to college, rooming with her best friend Kat. She’s beginning to feel stronger and more confident as she experiences more of what life has to offer outside the military base where she spent the majority of her young live. Of all of the subjects of the project, Sheli is to date, the only subject to have developed the ability to cloak. {A mental means of projecting a false reality to the mind of any individual in her immediate vicinity}

Sheli will be pulled back into the B.I.T.C.H. Squad world following her discovery of a previously missing friend and member of the project, whose physical appearance, has been altered due to continued experimentation since the exposure of the project to the world.








C  O  M  P  L  E  T  E D     A  R  C  H  I  V  E  S