Character Name: Nicholas Maddox
Nik is strong and athletic, having spent his entire life in the company of military role models, he had planned to enlist and to serve his country. Following the exposure of the project, Nik joins the government Task Force assigned with the task of exterminating or apprehending the remaining aliens, hybrids and project supervisors still at large. Combat skills include; hand to hand, martial arts, light weapons & tactical planning.

Though he was raised by his father following the death of his mother, Nik never bonded with his father. Inexplicably, Nik consciously chose to avoid his father when ever possible. Circumstances resulting from the exposure of the project inevitably lead Nik to discover the truth that his father was in fact complicate in the murder of his mother. In a fit of rage and to free Sheli, Nik shot his father point blank in the face, a murder for which he was never charged or tried.

Nik enjoys Sports, Comic books, Computer games and loud music. He is loyal to his friends and courageous to a fault, often jumping into a situation without thinking. At one time or another he has been in love with each of the girls in his life but he is for now content with their friendship. Recipient of a special increased level of genetic manipulation performed on him by his father, Nik possess a greater level of resilience to physical damage then other advanced subjects. Effects of the project have not only increased his skeletal mass, organ density and dermal strength, they have also increased his weight to reportedly 470-550lbs.








C  O  M  P  L  E  T  E D     A  R  C  H  I  V  E  S