Character Name: Ariel Wallace

Ariel is an original project test subject. During the exposure of the project to the world, several key supervisors escaped with Ariel and two other advanced subjects. Ariel was feared lost for more then two years until her recent recovery by Viki and the B.I.T.C.H. Squad in an assault on a project lab. During the time she was gone, Ariel was subjected to additional genetic manipulation. As a result Ariel's appearance has been permanently altered. Though her advanced stage of development has yet to be fully disclosed, she is known to possess the ability to cloak and the condition and appearance of her seem to indicate the she may possess the Native uUzbn's advanced optical capabilities.


Ariel currently resides in Viki's roof top home and though there is hope that she may at some point join the team, Viki as assured her that she will never be pressures to assist in any of Viki's campaigns. At present Viki Sheli and Stylez are attempting to assist her in developing a greater control of her alien abilities.








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