Character: Native uUzbn

The aliens Known as "uUzbn" arrived on earth over 60 years ago as the result of a as of yet unexplained crash landing. All we do know is that the crash was an act of sabotage from within.

A military tracking station recorded the event, which left a 36 foot crevasse in the base of the mountain. The area around the crash site was immediately ceased and classified under articles of national security. Original reports claimed that a large meteor had crashed and radiation concerns made it necessary to secure the surrounding area.

It took more then twenty years for base personnel to reach the ship. Excavation crews were astonished to find the ship still intact. More shocking though, was the discovery, some years later, that the creatures on board had survived. The uUzbn's advanced physical abilities, lead power hungry government officials and military leaders to begin hybridization experiments.

Thus began, The BIOLOGICAL INDESTRUCTIBLE TACTICAL COMBAT HYBRID PROJECT. In addition to their obvious physical attributes, the project sought to duplicate the aliens weaponry, power sources and engine designs several of the alien's technically advanced designs are in use today, thu no mention is ever given to there origins.








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