Character Name: Katherine (Kat) Cypher

Kat is the mothering influence in the group. Analytical and open minded she is fiercely loyal and devoted to her friends. She is still holding on to the belief that the conspiracy that allowed the project to continue for over 60 years was an isolated case and not business as usual for the governments of the world.

As with all of the subjects of the project Kat has advanced combat and tactical skills and in a pinch she will react with lethal force. She is athletic tall and powerful of mind and body and though she still holds some hard feelings over being lied to by Viki for years while living on the base, she is slowly find Viki’s current path to be a true effort to do good for everyone and is coming to the realization that under the same circumstances she may well have acted exactly as Viki did. As with all of the advanced subjects of the project, Kat is virtually indestructible. Though she appears to be a slight 95-110lb girl, effects of the project have not only increased her skeletal mass, organ density and dermal strength, they have also increased her weight to reportedly 270-300lbs








C  O  M  P  L  E  T  E D     A  R  C  H  I  V  E  S